Reinventing Cities




This world-wide lockdown, reaction to the coronavirus hype is loaded with unanswered questions right now. My hope is that with time, soon, all will be revealed. The controllers seem to want to opportunize the situation to reinforce the status quo and make it more intractable. We are here to counter that with everything we have, to opportunize it as well, by using the clarity this virus brings to the world as to the inadequacies and injustices that pervade everywhere, the threat it brings to everyone's civil liberties, the possibility of enforced vaccines. 

Our strategy is to foment the movement to help cities worldwide to reimagine themselves, to change dystopias to utopias, to implement horizontal self-governing and eliminate once and for all corruption in governments, war, and the death grip of corporatocracies, the neo-liberal agenda. We are implementing many things within our project at this moment to make this possible.

Our animation explaining horizontal governing is can be accessed by clicking the link below. 

Horizontal government animation

Our team of activists, experts, and visionaries is growing and is stellar.  Soon we will have more explicit instructions for all those who wish to participate as volunteers within all the various categories for reimagining cities.

We are in the process of connecting all the many, many groups, websites, and institutions who share the same vision through an easy to use platform for ideas, strategies, and solutions to be instantly shared, a gigantic network to begin the unification of humanity, and to disseminate relevant ideas to the greater populations.
We also hope to create a website soon that will categorize solutions and strategies from around the world, such that they can easily be scaled up.

Please read the content that we have so far to see how you might best fit in. This is a defining moment and it Is the time for each one of us to give what we can, to connect, and make a more beautiful world together and for everyone, the one which we all have been longing for.


- Tom Osher